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Britech Plus is glad to announce the award nominee first category winner for the Most Influential LinkedIn Personality for the year 2021đŸ„‡.

Emmanuel Nduka is a champion of words, arts and a huge influencer of taste. Arts in line of making positive and meaningful impact on individuals without age, sex, colour, ethnic, country, religion nor professional discriminations.

Emmanuel Nduka is a leader without a title, still his presence get attention for every post on LinkedIn
Join us in celebrating a rear gem, icon of epitome and a positive influencer without a pride.

The management and staff of Britech Plus Congratulate you.
Continue to make impact.
Continuous Improvement is key

Emmanuel Nduka is an undergraduate student of Chemical Engineering at the Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Nigeria.

To stay connected with the fast advancing global engineering community, he participated as a member of professional bodies and organizations like the Nigerian Society of Chemical Engineering (NSChe), the American Institute of Chemical Engineering (AICHE), the International Association of Engineers(IAENG).

With a little study of the chemical engineering space, he have developed an interest in the oil and gas sector, plant design and control, process design/analysis.

As a writer, who currently writes to students, undergraduates and young professionals like him. h basically inspire people.

He is the pioneer of the student’s voice on Linkedin, this philosophy shows that young professionals, undergraduate precisely, can have a voice amid professional authorities and leaders.

He his open to opportunities within my scope of learning and probably beyond, which could include: scholarships, Internships, Mentorships and many others.

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