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Ready for Management Recognition?

Are you ready to set yourself apart from other managerial candidates looking to be considered for higher-level management roles within your organization? Do you feel like your growth as a manager or leader has slowed or completely stalled? ICPM’s professional management certification could be your solution.

 The Certified Manager (CM) certification is a professional credentialing program that verifies an individual’s ability to manage, and its potential to lead with a level of competency. ICPM’s CM certification has been used time and again by employers in a variety of industries to distinguish employees for hiring and career advancement.

What You’ll Learn

The Certified Manager certification is divided into 3 key sections. These sections include management essentials, planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. These managerial sections cover multiple aspects of the business world necessary for all managers to be acquainted with before taking on higher management roles. The CM curriculum covers:

  • Certified Manager 1: Management Essentials
  • Certified Manager 2: Planning and Organizing
  • Certified Manager 3: Leading and Controlling

Certified Manager Certification


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