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Agile project management is an iterative approach to managing software development projects that focuses on continuous releases and incorporating customer feedback with every iteration.

Course Price $70.00
Course No.: BTP/APM/CPD
CPD Certification (Credits): 31
Training Method`s
  • Online/Virtual ($100.00)
  • Physical Class ($120.00)
  • Self Study ($70.00)

Course Description


  1. Understand recent advances in project management that emphasize rapid adaptation/agility in face of unprecedented societal changes.
  2. Learn practical tools for managing projects in a more agile and responsive manner.
  3. Apply project management tools in a small team setting using a simulated government case.

Managing projects, whether building a dam or launching an outdoor concert series, has always required skill. But today the demands on government managers are more challenging. There is a greater need to be responsive to citizens and stakeholders/customers, and to quickly adjust to changing circumstances outside one’s direct control.

Agile Project Management equips government learners with a new suite of practical concepts and tools for addressing these contemporary challenges. The course is unique in that participants can expect to immediately apply their new knowledge and skills in their government work context.

Who should attend: managers, assistants, department heads, planners, engineers… anyone in the organization who manages projects of any kind. Don’t miss this opportunity—this course is a one-time offering.

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