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Action to eliminate the cause of a potentialnonconformity or a needed improvement. It is a proactive process to identify. opportunities for improvement rather than a simple reaction to identified problems or complaints. Something new added to a Management.

Course Price $20.00
Course No.: BTP/QMS/CPD/CA
CPD Certification (Credits): 15
Training Method`s
  • Online/Virtual ($10.00)
  • Physical Class ($20.00)
  • Self Study ($5.00)

Course Description

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the vital quality principles that drive proper CAPA.
  • Determine when to initiate formal corrective action, and when not to.
  • Write clear and actionable problem statements.
  • Explore sample CAPA systems and records for best practices, and for potential weaknesses.
  • Learn how to use a team approach to CAPA.
  • Use various tools to perform process-based root cause analysis.
  • Develop detailed actions to contain and prevent the problem.
  • Identify opportunities for improvement in the participant’s organization that can be acted upon after the course.


  1. Introductions & Goal Setting
  2. Taking a “quality-in” approach
    1. Benefits and key principles
    2. Self-assessment on “quality-in” behaviors
  3. Key concepts of CAPA
    1. What is the root cause standard?
    2. 5 Whys
    3. Poka Yoke
    4. Selecting proper root cause countermeasures
    5. Getting buy-in from others for CAPA discipline
  4. Using the 8D and 3D approaches to CAPA
    1. Main steps of 8D and 3D
    2. Checklists for key stages
    3. When to close an open CAPA
    4. Tips and recommendations for success
  5. Application
    1. Case studies
    2. Participant situations


The instructor-led, virtual format of this course provides a hands-on experience that allows you to apply the skills and concepts covered in the course. The virtual setting eliminates the need for travel and allows you the convenience of participating from your work or from your home.

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Course Features

Introductions & Goal Setting 1 Credit
Taking a "quality-in" approach 3 Credit
Key concepts of CAPA 3 Credit
Using the 8D and 3D approaches to CAPA 3 Credit
Application 5 Credit