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Root Cause Analysis – The Structures of Problem Solving

Root Cause Analysis teaches a systematic process for identifying “root causes” of problems and an approach for responding to them. It is based on the idea that effective management requires more than “putting out fires” for problems that develop, but finding a way to prevent them. It helps pinpoint contributing factors to a problem.

Course Price $30.00
Course No.: BTP/RCA/CPD
CPD Certification (Credits): 14
Training Method`s
  • Online/Virtual ($50.00)
  • Physical Class ($100.00)
  • Self Study ($30.00)

Course Description

This helps organizations avoid the tendency to single out one factor to arrive at the fastest resolution. It also helps to avoid treating symptoms rather than actual, underlying problems that contribute to the real problem.

Most experts believe that achievement of total prevention by a single intervention is not always possible and like to see an ongoing process that strives for continuous improvement.  The primary goal is to analyze problems to identify:

  • What happened
  • How it happened
  • Why it happened so that…
  • Actions to prevent recurrence are developed

Implementing this approach will help you and your team:

  • Identify barriers and the causes of problems, so that effective solutions can be found
  • Develop a logical approach to problem-solving, using data that already exists in your company
  • Identify current and future needs for organizational improvement
  • Establish repeatable, step-by-step processes, in which one process can confirm the results of another

In the most basic sense, you will define the problem, gather the information, data & evidence, identify all issues that contributed to the problem, determine root causes and lastly, identify recommendations for corrective actions that eliminate the recurrence of problems.

Attendees are encouraged to work on a current company problem during the workshop.  This will be used for practice and coaching between the sessions.  It also sets the participant up to continue using what they learned and develop the skill set by completing the project in the weeks following.

This workshop is held over three (3) sessions, one week apart, 2. 5 hours in duration per session with additional, optional coaching sessions held after the public session dates.

Who should attend? Anyone whose job it is to solve their company’s problems!


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